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Pete Sahaidachny Voice In Your Heart

Pete Sahaidachny Shares Latest Single “Voice In Your Heart”

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The most current single from singer-songwriter Pete Sahaidachny, “Voice in Your Heart,” conveys the importance of taking our time, tuning into our inner voice, and allowing it lead the way. Sahaidachny’s earthy, gravelly voice explores the idea of losing oneself in the hectic pace of modern life while trying to survive. The artist’s fourth release on his own label, Creative Vibrations, is “Voice in Your Heart.”

His most recent song, Voice In Your Heart, is all about taking things slowly. In the very first line of the song, it asks if we are even sure of who we are. Pete Sahaidachny makes the argument that we spend so much time attempting to advance in life that we forget to be ourselves. This slow groove is made up of his guitar and synth tones, sharp percussion, and slow beats that match his husky vocals. Pete nearly seems to be pleading with us to listen to him before we completely lose ourselves. With all the tones, he creates this Americana feel, but the backing vocalists’ gentle textures added to his primary melody are what make the song the most uplifting.

The song serves as a calming salve for internal wounds you weren’t even aware of, as well as a shield against the difficulties life presents. Through the song, Sahaidachny encourages us to pay attention to the inner voice that all people have and that serves as a life-guiding force. This song is what you need to take a step back and listen to if modern life has a little bit of an overwhelming effect on you.

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The opening notes of “Voice in Your Heart” startle you before a steady strumming calms you down. You take a step back from the bustle of life and unwind for a while to the relaxed feelings of the strummed tones. The tune has a relaxing quality that effortlessly relieves the stress of modern life from your shoulders. You get a feeling of reaching from the guitar’s strumming, just like the warm orange rays of a sunset do across the sky. The music’s flow can’t help but make you feel more at ease and comforted. You are taken to a peaceful world where you may forget about everything but what makes you happy as the music seeps into your spirit.

The melody alone does not relieve you of the strain of living in the modern world. Sahaidachny’s vocals remain a constant throughout the song as he throws a warm arm around your shoulders and begs you to take a minute to breathe. His voice has a somewhat scratchy quality to it that lends to the melody’s calming sunset emotions. He acknowledges the stress of life through the lyrics while urging us to take care of ourselves and pay attention to the voice inside that tells us what we need. This single calms the sharp edges that modern life leaves behind. It is incredibly calming.

The soothing tones of Pete Sahaidachny’s song “Voice in Your Heart” encourage us to sit back from the fast-paced modern world and be grateful for what we have. The song strums its way into your senses, relieving you of the stress of contemporary life and bathing them in the sunset’s orange rays. His voice wraps a warm arm around your shoulders and softens the edges of your spirit.

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