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Super Fëmmes Guilty Pleasure song

Super Fëmmes Released Their Second Single “Guilty Pleasure”

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Super Fëmmes have released Guilty Pleasure as their second single on June 17, 2022. The writers of Guilty Pleasure include Collin Idzikowski, Tor Eimon, Julia Gartha, Jakke Erixson, and Denise DeDe Lopez of the Super Fëmmes. Producing it is Swedish artist, composer, and producer Jakke Erixson, who resides in Los Angeles. Erixson has previously collaborated with producers Max Martin and RedOne as well as musicians like Rod Stewart and Christina Aguilera.

With “Guilty Pleasure,” Super Fëmmes plan to expand the sonic reverberations they started with their debut hit. The group’s powerful, edgy, yet glossy pop sound, which blurs the lines between musical influences, is continued by this newly written tune. The tune, which has a deeper vocal dance sound, draws you in with its addicting pop vibes and compels you to move to its flow.

Emilia, Miio, DeDe Lopez, and Therese Grankvist are members of this supergroup, which was founded in 2021. With only their debut song under their belts, they came together to make music that crosses multiple mainstream genres and are quickly gaining notice. This song’s enthusiasm and passion make it clear why they were chosen to perform at the significant Vi som älskar 90-talet event in Sweden.

Through the opening, “Guilty Pleasure” glows with a high tone. The tune has a dancing mood woven into it from the very beginning, and it gradually starts to seep into your veins to get you moving. The song has a distinct dance edge, but it’s integrated within a sparkling pop sensibility. Before everything vanishes and rises like glitter on the wind, the throbbing beats propel you onward into the dancing motion. With this musical composition, the song transports you into a glitzy pop world while keeping you in a flowing dance feeling from beginning to end.

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The group’s vocals give the song this extra something, despite the melody’s ability to make you move to its beat and dance together with the soundscape. The vocals bring a classic dance-pop vibe to the song as they begin. As the ensemble unites to give you a serious moving sensation, the harmonised vocals increase, leading you to the chorus that is all party vibes. This song makes you instantly think of a party, where the dancefloor would be packed with people singing along to the chorus.

Each member of the ensemble has an opportunity to stand out vocally, and the rap at the end of the song adds a lovely new dimension. Although the performance has a slightly outdated feel, it is packed with intense dance vigour.

From the beginning of “Guilty Pleasure” until the very conclusion, Super Fëmmes’ sound will have you swaying to their music as they muddle the lines between pop and dance. There is a shimmering glow that permeates the entire soundscape from the opening note and just gets stronger as the song goes on. Each member of the group has a chance to shine as the vocals add a fresh burst of energy while seamlessly harmonising.

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