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Super Femmes Everybody’s Free

Swedish Musicians SUPER FËMMES Join Force to Serve us “Everybody’s Free”

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The new track ‘Everybody’s Free’ by ‘SUPER FËMMES‘ is super groovy, uplifting, lively, and expertly produced, according to the head of music at londonfm.digital. The groovy song has strong melodies and gorgeous vocals that stick in your mind and have you rocking on the dancefloor right away; it’s an appealing music with a positive vibe that transports you to pop dance heaven. For the next month, the track will be played 1-2 times each hour on the A-List playlist.

SUPER FËMMES is a freshly formed Swedish girl band that performs forceful and edgy pop music that blurs the lines between a wide range of inspirations. Emilia Mitiku, Therese “Drömhus” Grankvist, Denise “DeDe” Lopez, and Mia Schotte & Josefine Willers from the duo Miio are among the performers.

The musicians are all professional musicians who achieved substantial personal success in the 1990s and have now joined forces to continue crafting high-quality music that inspires their listeners. The group is set to release a magnificent rendition of Rozalla’s “Everybody’s Free,” as previously reported. This SUPER FËMMES version is upbeat and entertaining, combining dance and pop vibes with plenty of personality from the group’s talented and dynamic members. This song is the supergroup’s first combined release, marking a significant milestone for SUPER FËMMES, who continue to build on their individual accomplishments while expanding their fan base.

SUPER FËMMES is about female strength, getting together, and empowering one another and other women. We exude strength by daring to be sensitive, fun, intellectual, sensuous, and sexual without apology. We combine the elegance, coolness, and a classy touch of the 1990s with a modern style inspired by female superheroes such as Charlie’s Angels, Harlequin, and Spice Girls. We are both lighthearted and powerful, as well as serious and profound. We are now one group, with many histories and tales, and we do so proudly and with high integrity.

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