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The Chris Ruben Band Won't See You (GROOVE TEMPLE Remix)

The Chris Ruben Band Releases “Won’t See You (GROOVE TEMPLE Remix)”

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Groove Temple, a gifted songwriter/producer just starting to make waves on their own, has remixed the Chris Ruben Bands’ track “Won’t See You” from debut album release “Madness On Repeat” (2021). This song crushes.

The Chris Ruben Band, a psychedelic indie funk band from New York, have responded with their new album Madness on Repeat.

With explosive synths, quick-moving arpeggios, and a party beat that tingles the skin and warms the bones, this amazing remix catches us off guard. Rising producer Groove Temple’s remix of “Won’t See You” is a supersonic overdrive of natural and artificial sounds.

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Man, this song really smacks. This critically acclaimed hit, which was first included on The Chris Ruben Band’s debut album “Madness On Repeat” in 2021, has been recreated and remixed by the gifted musician and producer Groove Temple. The end product is a stunning array of hues, frequencies, oscillations, regressions, and expansions that envelop the listener in a flurry of quick arpeggios and pounding percussion and mystify them. It’s almost as if extraterrestrials created the original recording and then decided to improve it.

This remix, which has been futuristically enhanced, preserves Ruben’s excellent vocal performance while taking the music around it to a whole new level, or more precisely, another cosmos of digital qualities, which keeps our senses engaged and our expectations pushed. The track changes bar after bar with almost perfect accuracy, advancing steadily like a spaceship preparing for takeoff and ascending to the stars. The remix is extremely energising, embellished with unanticipated sound glitches, and the heart-pounding pulse keeps flowing like a river through time.

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