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Alex Beck Tunnel Vision

Alex Beck Releases Latest Song “Tunnel Vision”

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Wishful Thinking and Tunnel Vision both have dreamy openings. However, it also has a certain vibrancy about it. Ethereal synths and voices float around the electric guitar riff, which acts as a strong anchor.

Alex Beck is back with another unforgettable song that we’d definitely recommend, this time calling it “Tunnel Vision,” to continue her streak of hits. Continue reading for a closer look at the song and some much-needed artist background.

Listening to music in a float tank is a bit unusual, but bear with me. Let’s examine the typical course of this encounter before discussing why you should undertake it. Most clinics, spas, and centres that provide the floating experience usually immerse you into a tank filled with Epsom salt water in perfect quiet, only adding music as your session draws to a close.

But as I’ve just learned, this is a great opportunity lost to have a surreal musical encounter. I persuaded my float technician to allow me to play “Tunnel Vision” by Alex Beck continuously inside the tank. It’s impossible to compare the immersive sensation of actually floating while listening to this single because it already gives the listener the feeling of floating.

Beck’s powerful vocals are featured on the indie pop song “Tunnel Vision,” which explores the fixation that can result from falling in love. The tune begins with a dreamy coruscating quality, accentuated by spiralling synths that give the listener a sense of floating. The electric guitar then produces a straightforward melody with riffs to ground the ecstatic sound before Beck’s passionate vocals send the listener back into a trance.

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The stunning chorus that emerges from the first verse gives expression to the feeling of tuning out the world to focus on the love right in front of you. The song goes to great pains to build the momentum to the point where it feels as though the listener is also covered and enveloped in the same love that is being expressed in order to demonstrate how overpowering (in a good way) this love can be.

Alex Beck, a resident of Los Angeles, started putting out songs in 2020. The distinctive pop and electronica Beck’s listeners get to avidly ingest today was cultivated by growing up on classic rock and happy 80’s music. On June 14th, the artist will provide a live concert if you’re headed west.

Doors to the performance at Madame Siam open at 7:00 PM, and tickets are currently available for presale! Beck will perform her songs for Breaking Sound LA there! To see the show, however, you must be at least 21 years old. There is no need to worry, though, as younger listeners and those who are located outside of Los Angeles may always give virtual love by streaming Beck’s tunes.

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