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Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L B.E.C (Baconeggandcheese) Song

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L Serves us With “B.E.C (Baconeggandcheese)” Song

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Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L.’s latest record, B.E.C (Baconeggandcheese), is a Brooklyn-born hip-hop heavyweight. We’re not the only supporters flying Breon’s flag, with B.E.C proving to be Breon’s boldest release yet, with support from Earmilk, Wordplay, and Plastic Magazine.

In today’s world, discussing one’s birthplace might be risky because it can come across as xenophobia or parochialism. Walking on eggshells has become a requirement in today’s turbulent culture. Breon SYNDEL, an American rapper, is well aware of this, as seen by his latest song “BEC (Baconeggandcheese).SYNDEL’s music is marked by a deeper tone. Differentiated, he normally sounds allegorical in his lyrics when discussing various topics, and here he returns to his hometown of Brooklyn, New York.

However, this strategy is a little different. It exalts the location, but not in the sense that visitors are not welcome, but rather as a description of the locals. However, the lyrics do not stop there, as they alternate with more’revolting’ moments. This SYNDEL is respectable, and the soundtrack is appropriate. The rapper’s rap isn’t wholly contemplative, but it’s certainly not lighthearted (in his aura). This may be in contrast to the amusing term “BEC (Baconeggandcheese)” (which means bacon, egg, and cheese). However, the song’s acidic and explicit lyrics let you appreciate the song’s ferocity.

The song continues on an intimate beat, with dramatic synths and a flirtation with trap, as the rapper defines what it’s like to be from Brooklyn, rejecting authority and spitting out words like intimidation. Everything is well-organized and follows the current American rap book. The most impressive aspect is Breon SYNDEL‘s ability to play with words and fit them together without using too many rhymes, in addition to being extremely rapid in his recitation. A gift that any rapper would appreciate.

The final outcome is a song that adds to and acts as another step in the career of the New Yorker who doesn’t speak his native tongue and knows his way around his surroundings, whether it’s his hometown or the musical style he presents.

Listen to Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L B.E.C (Baconeggandcheese) Song

Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram as @s.y.n.d.e.l

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