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Desperate Electric Stay

Desperate Electric Out With “Stay”

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Are you a fun of disco? Let’s just take our mind back to the 80’s & 90’s where it was all fun and loving, that everyone was happy and the world wasn’t in chaos like now. That is the feeling I’m having now, when “Stay” by Desperate Electric started to play.

Imaging on a date and there’s this dancing song like “Stay” playing and you whisper into your partner, ‘do you wanna dance?’ The song puts you in a spot you can resist but to dance to it. Reading about the song I found out that Desperate Electric said the same thing about the feeling of the song,

“There are certain songs that you hear once and you think ‘this makes me want to dance’. You hear it again, and think ‘damn, this is kind of dark’. “Stay”, the new single from Desperate Electric, is that song. The disco synth track opens with conversational lyrics that dive into an emotional plea as the the synth swells into the chorus. The track as the raw, honest feel of the duo’s earlier work, with the elevated production of a team that’s been honing their craft over the past several releases.” – Desperate Electric

Desperate Electric from Montana wants you to feel alive. Weaving melodies through the triumphs and tribulations of life, growing up, and relationships, the pair use their electric disco soul to tantalize crowds across the nation. Desperate Electric’s high energy live show makes you feel good; their lyrics are playful and honest, exploring themes of both vulnerability and resiliency. Groove with them as their thoughtful composition glides along an emotional roller coaster. ​Dubbed ‘electro soul brilliance’, the Montana based duo ‘enlists a perfect combination of live instrumentation with killer beats and all the bells and whistles under the kitchen sink’ (Indie Pulse Music, 2020). Consisting of Ben Morris (guitar, keys, vocals, production) and Kayti Korte (bass, vocals), the pair fuse their many influences to create a sound that’s both contemporary and nostalgic of past decades of funk, rock ‘n roll, and soul.


“Stay” is indeed a must listen to song if you want to dance, believe me​ you can connect to the song at the same time. Desperate Electric have make me wished to be a musician, so I can write and sing songs that can connect to people like this.

Listen to Desperate Electric Stay song below.

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