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Freddo’s “Sinestetica” Album Will Challenge Everything You Believe To Be True!

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The album “Sinestetica” by the talented UK-based artist Freddo was released on November 17, 2023, and consists of ten tracks in total. The dualism that impacts all people is one of the topics covered in the album. Freddo took great care to create photos for each album. The CD features two languages, Italian and English, together with a broad and intriguing range of musical instruments. Allow me to describe the album in its entirety.

The album opens with the lovely song “Sinestetica Morale,” which serves as a musical synopsis of the whole record. Through the words, Freddo paints a picture of desires that we as humans may have suppressed. This is exciting to listen to through to the end because of the synth-pop and guitar string arrangement.

The second track on this amazing album, “In Control,” is where the record takes a slight turn. The song about an impossible and forbidden love has a wonderful synth feel that pulses in the background, with a salsa-like vibe. The song discusses kind people and the unfair treatment they receive. The tune is calming and immerses you in a beautiful auditory world.

The album’s next track, Francamente (Franckly), is profound and thought-provoking. Freddo discusses inferiority and all of its consequences. Being the first song composed for the album, this amazing piece is very dear to Freddy’s heart and will captivate the listener.

The eerily beautiful “Segni del Sempre” (Signs of Forever) comes next. The song poetically confronts the invisible and discusses time through its electronic speed and electronic elements.

The album pivots drastically with the song titled “Costellazioni” ( Constellations). The song adds a rock feel to the rest of the album. The song talks about the relativity of time and how it links to all of our experiences as humans as a whole

The following track on the list is “Rainbow” which is defined as pop but also unique and innovative. Intimate moments spent with a sweetheart are depicted in the song. It goes into great detail describing the complete spectrum of the peak emotion. Freddo performs it in a moving and passionate way

Although it makes a sharp turn, “Radio Distrazione” (Radio Distraction) is warmly welcomed. This 80s-inspired tune was influenced by well-known figures in the Italian music scene. The song discusses both the overall journey of life and the inward conflict between inner darkness and light. The listener is treated to an exciting auditory experience because of the outstanding musical arrangement.

“Bugie” (Lies) is a lighthearted yet satirical piece about a partner who walks away from you while making thinly veiled explanations. It highlights the intricacies of interpersonal bonds and the transience of truth. The listener is transported to a dreamlike soundscape by the light and dreamy beat and musical composition.

On this wonderful album Sinestetica (reprise)” is the next track. This upbeat song, which is primarily in English, is a sonically and textually mirror copy of the previous track. The song’s thrilling and flawless musical composition completely captures your attention, and it has a distinctively appealing sound.

The album bows out with the amazing masterpiece “La regola del Fiume” (The Rule Of The River). The last song that closes out the album is synth-infused. With the towering drum beats and a crescendo of gale synths, the song is a masterpiece and it talks about the allegory of human life as compared to a river. The song is deep, well-written, and well-thought-out, and is the perfect ending to the perfect record

Overall, Sinestetica By Freddo is an original and well-thought-out masterpiece surely ahead of its time when it comes to lyrics and musical arrangement. Although most of the songs are in Italiano, the message is clear as music can transcend all language barriers. Every song has a thought-provoking message and Carries its message and lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it and I would recommend it to all my readers and music fans out there. The album is a testament to Freddo’s artistry and his future in the music community. I can’t wait to see what he puts out next.

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