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Hello, dearest readers and music fans today on our blog we discuss the music of the talented England-based artist Jack Simpson. Simpson’s latest single which was released on 16th January is called “ Babies Are Boring” Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Steve Earle, Richard Thompson, and Bruce Springsteen served as Simpson’s inspiration. He is more of a Composer and infrequent vocalist and doesn’t give live performances. Simpson is mostly passionate about songwriting and prefers other people to perform his music. The song is catchy and enjoyable, sit back and let me tell you more about it

This rock sound begins with a majestic and strong drum beat as Simpson sings this song about how firstborn toddlers or older children feel when their parents have another baby. The song is catchy and mesmerizing and will get you singing along to it in no time.

“Babies are boring “ has very fun and precise lyrics. The repetition of the line “Babies are boring” relays the theme of the song and makes it relatable because I’m sure you’ve come into contact with a kid with a baby sibling who has uttered the same words( I know I have). A child (about 5 to 8) may relate to this song if their mother has recently given birth to another child and they feel pushed aside. Because it is catchy and repeating, it is particularly popular with kids but it is not age-restricted and will invigorate you with its sound

Production-wise the song stands out quite outstandingly. The joyful and enthusiastic nature of the instrumentals and vocal performance make you feel almost childlike again as the song grants you the ability to see what the child or persona is saying, a fantastic quality that every song must possess

Overall, “Babies Are Boring” by Jack Simpson is a heck of a good time with a fun-loving backstory. The instrument arrangement has a kick and the vocal performance is bulletproof. The song is a testament to Simpson’s artistry and his future in the music scene.

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