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Jana & Jorge Run Away

Jana & Jorge Releases New Single “Run Away”

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Jana & Jorge’s latest release “Run Away” is available now for Pop Country Music.

“Run Away,” “Come Back Around,” “You Make Me A Mess,” “Live Forever,” and “Time Goes Fast” are some of their musical hits. “Run Away” is an introspective composition about someone seeking freedom, whereas “Come Back Around” is about reunion with a loved person. These singles demonstrate the breadth of talent that the two musicians possess, engaging a wide spectrum of listeners.

Despite the fact that they live thousands of miles away, Jana and Jorge are a formidable duo that create captivating music. Jorge Luis Izquierdo is a Peruvian songwriter who came across Ashley Jana’s songs from New York City while surfing the internet. Izquierdo was drawn to her because of her expressive vocals and diverse repertoire of performances.

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Soon after, the two began interacting with modern technologies in a smooth manner. Jana uses her experience to polish the song and its performance, while Izquierdo uses his composition skills. Alternative, rock, and country music fans are drawn to their emotional and melancholy songs.

Jana & Jorge Run Away

The duo’s future ambitions include creating new alternative pop-country, jazz, and soul music that will appeal to a wide spectrum of audiences.

Ashley Jana and Jorge Luis Izquierdo form Jana & Jorge, a duo music act. Jana is a singer-songwriter who has been in hit television shows such as “Empire” and “Dance Moms.” Izquierdo is the principal composer for this music ensemble and is a guitarist, songwriter, and producer. Jana’s emotional voice bring to life Izquierdo’s exquisite lyrics for music that fans find heartfelt and beautiful.

Listen to Jana & Jorge Run Away song below.

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