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Hello dedicated readers and music lovers! Let’s welcome to our digital space John Kampouropoulos. This Greek artist has just released his EP called “Hero and a Crucifix “ on 18th August. Get ready to be thrilled by these 5 songs. Let’s get into it

“Hero and a Crucifix “These lovely noises open up this music. “Love, love is all we need” is one of the song’s lines. One should anticipate the intensely electric guitar solo and flourish towards the finish of the song. This was a fantastic method to introduce the EP to us.

The song “Moonlight Sea” begins with these subdued piano notes before accelerating. The song is about enjoying the water and the moonlit sky by going to the beach at night. “Lounge beneath the moonlight by the sea.” You will enjoy the fully immersing experience that the song offers you.

Mother” begins with these soft instrumental sounds. In the song the persona is speaking to his mother, having a conversation with her about how he’s feeling and assuring her he’ll stay by her side. This song had a lovely tempo and the story was compelling. This was an amazing way to start the EP

Over the Top” is the next tune. This upbeat song, “Let Your Troubles Fly Away and Give Me All Your Love,” tells the story of a lover asking his companion for love. The guitar solo and the bass notes in particular got to me in this amazing tune. This song will give you a lot of excitement.

The next song on the list is “Perfect Way.” These ethereal opening notes of the song will captivate you. Perfection is discussed in the song (“Is this perfect way again”). The tones shift from soft to bright and energetic. It was the ideal song to end the EP, and I loved every second of it.

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