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Juracán My Mind

Juracán Shares Much Awaited Song “My Mind”

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Juracán, a musician with Dominican roots, introduces us to “My Mind,” his most recent hit.

Juracán is R&B, Latin Pop, Soul, Reggaeton, and a few other genres combined give compositions the personality they require to breathe life and enlighten the musical world. “My Mind” would be no different; it would be a fantastic smash poised to take the spotlight.

The piece was heavier and sadder than its author would have liked because it was created during a stressful period, therefore the time had come to assist it. In the end, bad things can happen, but if we work hard and have faith, everything will get better. After putting the project on hold for a few months, the artist returned to it with the assistance of close friend and collaborator Eric Leavell. Together, they transformed it into a sound that shows the negative side, but evolves to what is good, bringing a greater meaning.

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The vocal begins by narrating and gently involving us after the guitar introduces us. At first, the vocal’s tone is a little regretful, but soon, clapping and energy take over, lifting the mood. The rhythm then picks up and becomes lively while remaining inviting, concluding with a sigh of calm that is reminiscent of hope and acceptance. The song’s lyrics focus on the inner self, how problems influence us and sometimes cast our consciousness in a dark place, and how crucial it is to remember our light, to let it grow, to push the darkness out of the way so that we can be who we were meant to be.

We all possess the flame, so I ignite the negative and let it burn brightly till it illumines the surrounding area. Your vitality is being drained by the long, dark night, but if you get up and move toward the light, you will be enveloped in warmth and life, and just like this music, you will always be able to continue forward! Come on this enjoyable musical voyage, which encourages reflection and awakens perception, with an open mind and open ears.

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