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Hello and welcome to our blog one and all. Today we feature the awesome Washington native Kelsie Kimberlin. Kelsie has just released a super fire single she’s calling “Parking Lot” on the 29th of March. The song was released with a supercharged video that will blow you away. Let’s get started

As soon as the needle drops, you can sense how steamy and seductive this Latin pop tune is. You’ll be feeling yourself and dancing to this eternal hit!

The song “Parking Lot” is about a sensual Latina who enjoys dancing and flaunting her moves in front of others. Amidst all the males and girls who are vying for the dancer’s attention, Kelsie sings about how thrilled the persona is to have her . ( “Everybody wantin you in the parking lot.”)This song’s incredible accompanying visuals are a must-talk about aspect of it. From her convertible Mercedes, Kelsie observed the video’s filming at an outdoor paintball arena and in the midst of a parking lot. As she sees the dancer breaking it down, renowned Colombian producer and musician Pedro Vengoechea enters the song halfway through and delivers a hot Latin rap.

The song features a killer Spanish guitar that both counterbalances and emphasizes the vocals, all set in a very nice Latin groove

Let’s give a round of applause to Kelsie!! She doesn’t just make music for fun but she makes music with a purpose, sure her last five releases were dedicated to showing the horrors that were going on in Ukraine but this song is a breath of fresh air, something different, a song with a spicy kick and very entertaining visuals that will thrill you from start to finish!!

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