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Hello gentle readers and music lovers. Welcome to our blog, today we have Kelsie Kimberlin. This US artist thrilled us with a summer banger “Parking Lot”, and we danced to an amazing song and video of that song, well she’s back again with her very first EP. The title of the EP is “The Drawer” and this 8-song EP was released on 31st May

The EP’s title song is “The Drawer”. Kimberlin’s strong and beautiful voice greets you as she sings about a toxic and abusive relationship(” So you walked out the door”). The relationship was so bad that he was controlling what she even ate so she formed very bad eating habits. The story has a happy ending though as through this adversity, she found herself and and learned to love herself(”I had to love myself it was not my fault”). The song is somber and tackles very important themes, with this song you are welcomed to the album

The title of the next song is “Fatal Attraction”. This upbeat pop song is about being attracted to someone uncontrollably. The persona knows that this person in question is bad for her but she finds him irresistible (”even in my dream state, your face always there”). She is not in control of her feelings and has embraced them (”I am going crazy, crazy for your love”). The song’s beat is thumping and you’ll find yourself dancing to this tune

“Meet Me Anywhere” is the title of the next song. The song has bright and lively piano tones. In the song, the persona is assuring her love interest that he shouldn’t look far for love or affection because she will be there for him always (”if you want a lover, you can have me whenever, (”if you want forever, I will always be with you”). It’s a heartfelt song with a catchy beat

Next is the song “January through December”. The song is a lovely song about how supportive a partner is to the either. It is a song from one lover to his or her partner to express her gratitude for being there for her, specifically throughout the year (”January through December you’re the one who stands by me”) The song is a foot-tapping song that has a tender message

“Summertime’s Gone” is a song that starts with lovely piano notes which are featured throughout the song. This song is about a summer romance and how heartbreaking it is that they have to part after summer. After reminiscing about the fun they had during summer she tells him that though their time together was brief she loves him (”and if I never see you again remember these three words I love you, yes I do”). The story in this song is so endearing and it will stay with you long after the song has ended

The next song is the super cool song “Parking Lot”. Do you want a song to dance to this summer? This is the song right here. The beat Alone will convince you to abandon your inhibitions, let go, and dance your stress away(”wanna see you dancing girl, in the parking lot”). The song also describes a very hot girl who attracts attention from both men and women. The Spanish part of this song is very sexy and will get you up on your feet dancing

The next song is called “Twinkle.” The song has a nice beat. The song is about a persona stating qualities about him or her. She describes him or her as a star or something that shines bright even in the dark(“shadows don’t fall on you cause you radiate”). The song is fantastic and gives you a detailed mental picture of the persona’s love interest

The last song on the album is titled “Recovery”. The song is a slow and emotive one. In the song is a person who went through something and has emerged healed and recovered. He or she apologizes to everyone she offended before his or her recovery and thanks family and friends who stood by him or her during his or her trying times. The song is emotive and encourages anyone going through something similar that they will make it through. This is an impressive quality for a song to possess

“The Drawer” is a fantastic EP. Kimberlin has certainly improved and grown into herself as an artist. These songs prove that she can dominate the music industry no matter the tempo or genre. She has become a real contender and the world should watch out for her impressive talent

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