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Greetings to all of you, avid readers and music enthusiasts alike! Today, Melina Hazelwood, a native of Kent, is highlighted. On April 30, Melina dropped a new song called “Memories Are Now Ghosts.” Allow me to elaborate on the song.

It might be challenging to embrace the grief that comes with losing someone you love. Melina Hazewood considers the difficulty of letting go of a prior love and admits how memories can remain apparent to someone long after a relationship has ended in her new single, “ Memories Are Now Ghosts,” which opens with lovely and delicate piano notes.

The song, shows a female attempting to move past a person who used to play a significant role in her life. “The song is about the haunting memories of a lost love,” says Melina Hazewood. It talks about how, despite your best efforts to let them go, people can always be a part of you. Even though she still has a great affection for him, the girl in the song wonders what may have happened if their relationship hadn’t ended and finds it difficult to accept that she won’t see him again (“we used to be close”). (“I’m missing you”)We can all relate to the song because we have all had similar losses in the past. We’ve all had losses of this kind before, thus the song is sympathetic, and we can all utilize it as a healing song. That’s an extremely admirable trait for a to have.

is contrasted with a driving pop sound in “Memories Are Now Ghosts”. Its lyrics show how the female still feels a great deal of concern for the other person and depict the scene right after a romance ends. To reflect the song’s troubled mood, the instruments are somber to match the vibe of the song .

I see more in “Memories Are Now Ghosts” than merely a song. I connected with the song, and I think other listeners would too. Accepting that someone they were close to no longer lives to save in their memories can be helpful to individuals going through their own separation. People might be able to identify with the difficulty of revisiting locations you’ve been with a significant other without being reminded of that past love. People who are going through difficult times may find that the music helps them feel less alone. I commend Melina for making the effort to communicate with us in this way. The song has a powerful message in addition to relying heavily on Melina’s amazing voice. She’ll succeed greatly in the music business and I can’t wait to see her next project!

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