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Nemesis Tigress

Nemesis Ready To Destroy Her Preys On “Tigress” Track

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Nemesis, a Los Angeles-based hip-hop artist, recently released “Tigress,” a stylish single that dazzles with its precise vocal flow and exotic woodwind-driven sound. The song sounds similar to Lauryn Hill and plays smoothly.

The third song by Nemesis, titled “Tigress,” is a work of art and among the most potent raps I’ve recently heard. She blends flawlessly with the beats, and the music wonderfully complements her lines. Throughout the song, her flow is icier than the south pole. What most impressed me was how meticulously she selects the ideal word to convey the maximum effect. After hearing this song, I can proudly say that I am a huge fan of work and can’t wait to hear more.

With her outstanding delivery, she seamlessly blends the fierce beat with her insightful lyrics. The music is compulsive and keeps playing in my head on repeat from time to time. Innovative flows were exactly what the boring game needed for a breakout. The enormous shift in the rap game may have its origins in Nemesis.

Listen to MC Nemesis Tigress song below.

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