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Greetings, dear readers and fans of music. We are highlighting artist Odelet today, who was born in Detroit and currently resides in California. Odelet is a visual artist, producer, composer, and performer. Everything she writes and plays, even the instrumentals, is original to her. There are eleven amazing tracks on her recently released album “Pisces Pie,” which was published on May 11. Her love of classic hip-hop served as the inspiration for the production of this record, which was fully performed on a keyboard and drum machine. Her vocal ability demonstrates her profound knowledge of Soul, R&B, Pop, and other genres. This album is the pinnacle of creativity being produced. Let’s examine the album’s specifics.

Coincidentally, the song “Pisces Pie” opens “Pisces Pie.” Odelet’s calming voice opens the tune. The peaceful song is about being open to a particular situation and wondering why you felt deceived. You enjoy listening to Odelet’s powerful voice and look forward to the next tunes.

Ten Tops” is the next tune. A seductive mouth percussion opens this song. The lyrics of the song discuss freedom and letting go. The ten tonnes she mentions represent carrying burdens that may or may not belong to you (“I think people wanna be free again”). This song’s piano sounds are really lovely and go perfectly with the tone and melody of the song.

“Paired” is the title of the next track. The song begins with a steady rhythm whiles she talks about not recognizing herself. The song touches on themes of self worth and making it through with a loved one (“this is for me and you , we are a pair”)and the instrumentation is just top notch

The next song is called “Mesh.” The bass guitar appears throughout the entire song. “Put it to bed” is the song’s request to listeners to put specific emotions to rest. Odelet sings this song with such tenderness, her endearing voice drawing you in.

“Unique” is the next tune. Here’s another tune that carries on the jazz theme. The line nobody else, nobody else like me,” is an empowering line from the song that affirms the uniqueness of the listener. This is a deep tune that will boost your confidence and whose structure will captivate you.

The title of the next song is “Cinderella”. In the song she talks about falling in love again before the strike of midnight just like the Cinderella story that everyone knows. This song talks about giving love another chance, and it is an endearing song that will take you on an all immersive journey

Next up is a song called “Six of cups. Beautiful instrument fusion opens the tune. Odelet sings, “The pleasure is mine,” expressing her happiness at having met a particular person. You won’t soon forget the beautiful soundscape created by the performance.

Next up is “Whole.”There is a laid-back vibe to this tune. The protagonist of the song begs her partner to try and find humour in an awkward situation. All throughout the song, this one will keep your interest

Next is the song “Eclectic”. Very delicate and beautiful mouth percussion begins this song.” Odelet sings about how she’s gotten a new perspective on certain issues and has decided to eclectic. This song is very emotive and will send you on an amazing journey

The album ends with the song titled “Carousel”. The song begins with very beautiful piano sounds. She describes to her partner how he’s spinning her round and round like she’s on a carousel ride. You can feel her emotion as she herself takes you on a wonderful carousel ride with the song

I fell in love with this album instantly. Odelet’s voice is a powerful one and its intensity and power is unmatched. Despite the tone of the album, fans of any other genre will greatly appreciate this masterpiece. Odelet is a powerful artist and she will do tremendously well in the music industry

Stream the “Pisces Pie” album on Spotify or SoundCloud

Follow Odelet here and on her socials; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Bandcamp

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