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Ray J Loses Out To Cheesesteaks In Street Interview

Ray J Loses Out To Cheesesteaks In Street Interview

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Ray J didn’t fare well when put against the Philly icon.

The cheesesteak is a Philadelphia staple. Perfectly cooked beefsteak, melted cheese, fried onions, and peppers if you’re feeling controversial. All served on a soft hoagie roll. There are few culinary experiences better than a high-quality cheesesteak. Furthermore, they can be found across Philadelphia (and beyond, but is it really a cheesesteak if it’s not from Philly?). Also, pro tip when traveling to Philadelphia – avoid the “name-brand” cheesesteak shops and find the ones the locals actually eat at.

Ray J, on the other hand, is more of an acquired taste. The rapper, made most famous by his early 2000s sex tape with Kim Kardashian, is not the first person who comes to mind when you discuss “snaccs”. Maybe that’s a harsh thing to say but we’re just reporting the facts here. After all, this sentiment has been made all the more evident in a new street interview from 856 Entertainment. And yes, there is a reason why we were talking about cheesesteaks to begin with.

The People Want Cheesesteaks, Not Ray J

856 Entertainment took to the streets to discover the answer to one very similar question. Would people rather have a cheesesteak, or dinner with Ray J? On the one hand you have a free cheesesteak, made however you want. On the other, you have the 42-year-old rapper and founder of Raycon. We know which we would pick, and so did the people that spoke with 856.

The people overwhelmingly chose the Philly specialty. Some people barely heard the question before enthusiastically saying the cheesesteak. Additionally, a number of the interviewees gave a very simple reason why – “who the fuck is Ray J?” It was a landslide for the sandwich. But to add insult to injury, the interviewees weren’t done roasting the rapper. In the last clip shown, the interviewee was asked. “Because he’s ugly” was the woman’s simple reply. It seems that vox populi prevails again and the cheesesteak is the overwhelmingly preferred option. But what about you, dear reader? Free cheesesteak or dinner with Ray J?

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