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Greetings to all my dearest readers And Music Everywhere! Let’s give a friendly welcome to NC native Reagan Hudson. Regan’s roots have heavily influenced his music style and ensure he’s connected to his roots. Hudson has released a lovely song called “Mama’s Going To Rehab” on 12th April. Let me tell you more about this song

The song opens with these rich, rustic tones. On this track, Hudson then starts telling a humorous story about the family he started. You’re eager to hear more of this thrilling tune because the vocal performance is entertaining.

A dysfunctional redneck family is humorously shown in “Mama’s Going to Rehab”. As Mama finds love and recovery at a facility mandated by the court, she hears about the crazy adventures the family goes on (”brother’s gone to college and sister got a tattoo, daddy went to Vegas”)while she’s away. This song portrays a typical redneck family complete with the daughter being a stripper. This colorful portrayal of the family through the precise lyrics invites listeners To take a gander at this hilarious family, laugh, and have fun with Reagan

When it comes to production, Hudson lets his roots shine through in the song, from the lyrics to the choice of the song Right down to Hudson’s cute drawl, the choice and arrangement of instruments and it was nice to connect with him through this incredible song!

Wow! What a fantastic song! Hudson connected with us through the song and showed us where he is from while simultaneously giving us a subject matter to laugh about. I would pay money to see this family in action! Wouldn’t you? Hudson is a bright star and will go far in the music industry!

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