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Hello and welcome dearest readers and music lovers, Let us give a warm welcome to UK-based artist Sandi Thom. As one of the first musicians to go on a streaming tour, Sandi Thom first gained prominence in the mid-2000s, hosting broadcasts from her Tooting residence. At the time, the internet performances generated a lot of media attention. Thom’s gigs started with just 60 spectators and quickly grew to over 100,000, which led to her being signed to an RCA/Sony agreement. Subsequently, the performer dropped her 2006 single I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers in My Hair), which shot to the top of the charts in Australia for ten weeks running as well as in the UK and Ireland. Spotify user song “I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker” has received an incredible 70 million plays. Thom released another song titled “Revolution Anthem” (Festival of the oppressed )on the 15th of March. Let me tell you more about the song

The contentious “Revolution Anthem”(Festival of the Oppressed )as its title implies, is a true anthem to the current geopolitical unrest, with lyrics meant to speak to the hearts of the disenfranchised and those who are suffering under unfair systems and are tired of how the world has treated them.

The song “Revolution Anthem” (Festival of the oppressed )delves into the issues of activism and striving for societal change. The song openly criticizes prior leaders like Liz Truss and names global leaders like Donald Trump, drawing parallels from the French Revolution, the Russia/Ukraine War, and even Brexit. Lyrics like ‘So, it’s time for a change lift your voice to the air, time for a change Revolution is here’ make this anthemic, stripped-back folk-rock tune that you can envision being sung in football stadiums for years to come!

The song was laboriously composed. After adding some simple acoustic guitar to the tribal-sounding drums and percussion, Thom’s strong voice draws your attention and captivates you totally. Vocal harmonies are used to further define Thom’s distinctive sound and attract attention to the lyrics, which are extremely moving and impactful. Those who are tired of the unfair status quo will be feel seen and be cheering and singing along from beginning to the end of this energetic track.

According to Sandi, we have the chance as composers and musicians to represent the “vox populi.” With oppressed and marginalized people being silenced and civilizations around the world looking at a breaking point, Sandi is using her position to advocate for change on behalf of those who are unable to. “Until we take a stance and unite our voices, nothing will change. After all, “power in our voice” exists.

Sandi’s latter 2024 work, which will see her release an exclusive line of NFTs and perform a number of festival dates, comes before ‘Revolution Anthem’ (Festival of the Oppressed). As the first well-known British singer-songwriter to release her songs first in the Metaverse before major music platforms, Thom is once again setting the way for a new generation of musicians and will shine brightly in the music industry.

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