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Greetings, dearest readers and music fans let’s welcome the Cambridge band Q3. The members of the band include US saxophonist Kevin Flanagan, one of the top jazz electric bassists in the UK, Tiago Coimbra, a pianist and composer who founded Q3 in 2013, and drummer Oscar Reynolds, who is based in Cambridge and London. On January 12, these gifted people released their 10-song album “Water Speckled Midnight.” Let’s examine the album’s specifics.

Through the Clouds” is the first song on the album. The song opens with a beautiful saxophone and fluttering piano sound combination. The rate of the drums increases along with the song, yet they don’t get in the way and let you enjoy the melody and the song’s pace. The ones to listen out for are the saxophone tones. You’re enthralled right away and want to hear the entire son

The next song is called “Odyssey.” The incredible guitar work on the song makes it stand out. Of course, they had to turn up the charm and use the piano sounds, which elevates the experience.

The song that follows is called “Emerald Eyes” which is a song that stays true to the album’s sounds. The saxophone sounds speak to you without saying a word. That’s a quality this song possesses.

“Nomads” is the title of the next song. The song has a fun vibe to it captivates you as soon as the song begins. The guitar solo in the middle of the song is so smooth that tells us that the guitarist is a guitar wizard. This time will make you want to relax sit back and enjoy a drink of your choice.

Next is the song called “Nocturne”. Grand piano sounds begin the song. The song oscillates back and forth between various instruments and you will love it thoroughly.

Midnight” comes next. The song draws you in with its lively and appealing opening. Like a lamb to butcher, but in a positive sense. The tune produces an amazing, completely relaxing soundscape.

Next is a song called “Rondo di Girulata. The song is a bit on the slower side. It is heartwarming and very profound which you can sense when you listen to this track.

“A Good Day for Breathing” is the song that follows. This song is upbeat in a way and then slows down in certain but overall you get VIP tickets to enjoy top-notch jazz performance.

“Turnaround Time” is the last to second song in the album. The piano sounds welcome you to the song and the Saxophone sounds begin thereafter. You are guaranteed a good time and it will sound even more fantastic when performed live.

The album ends with a song called “Postlude”. This is an ethereal and heavenly song. This song remains true to the album’s voice and shows the consistency of the band. This song does its best and closes out the album perfectly.

As far as instrumental albums go, “Water Speckled Midnight is the right choice for you. The band has created something that fans of other genres will engage in. This talented quartet will go far due to their talent and their colorful style of music

Stream the “Water Speckled Midnight” on Spotify 

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