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Trevor Phelps Latest Release “Home”

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This week saw the release of “Home,” the third song from 2022 by slick new lo-fi artist Trevor Phelps. When discussing the brand-new song, Trevor says: “Simply feeling at home, wherever you are, is what makes a place a home. Even if you’re 100,000 kilometres away from your house, it could be anyplace if the appropriate people are around.”

The song’s low-fi and bedroom-pop vibe is genuinely so comforting and truly transports me back to my childhood home where I used to relax on the couch without any concerns in life. As he appears to be singing from the heart, Trevor’s voice are particularly delicate in this song.

With a total of over 300k Spotify plays, it’s obvious he knows what he’s doing, and with each new release, he gains a devoted following. One of the real pioneers in the Arkansas-based pop genre, Trevor Phelps is entirely self-produced.

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