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Hello, music fans and dearest readers. Today we shine a spotlight on Brooklyn-based artist Cris Cain. Cain has been around for a while but if you haven’t heard of him and his fantastic work that’s okay he’s making a fresh return and his fans and everyone alike are eager to welcome him back. Cain’s latest work is titled Power Up and was released on 15th September. The song speaks for itself in many ways as a standout song and I’m so excited to tell you more about it so let’s get into it.

“Power up” begins with a great beat that will hype you up immediately. Cain begins the song with a casual “yuh” to let listeners know that he’s in control of the track. The song has a nice and catchy beat as Cain raps about being a boss or a top “dawg “. The song and its arrangements coupled with the cool and catchy adlibs make the listening experience very exciting.

When we talk about the song’s lyrics it’s about living the good life you know getting the girls, spending the cash and basics enjoying yourself. Lines like “ keep a couple of racks in my pocket all week “ carefully depict the lifestyle Cain is talking about in the song and drag you into that kind of life for just a moment when you listen to the song. It almost feels like you’re in the club having a good time with your friends when you listen to the song.

Cain spared no expense when it came to production. The layering of the rap track and Cain’s performance together with the adlibs make this a quality song that would be so even more amazing when performed live.

“Power Up” may follow the usual rap troupe but it is in no way ordinary. The song is fantastic and is a great song that you can dance to and have a good time with. The lyrics are bold and catchy, and the musical arrangements and performance of Cain make this song truly unique. This song will be great to blast in your car, to play at the club, to dance to, to hype one’s self, and will fit great on every playlist. The song is a great way for Cain to introduce himself to his fans and also gain new fans as it showcases His true artistic talents and forecasts how far he’s going to go in the music industry.

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