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Welcome music enthusiasts and esteemed readers. Today we feature on our blog Switzerland artist Alex Welkers. Alex’s second album, “Fly Away,” was published on April 6th and contains 11 exclusive tracks. This album is for fans of dramatic Pop and Rock songs; it combines rock music with classical instrumentation, such as violins and violas. The record is classified as a Rock album due to the prominence of his vocals and guitars in addition to the classical instrumentation. Now let me tell you more about this fantastic album

The title track of the album is “You want us.” The song discusses a couple’s wish to have a particular identity. The song tells the story of a deeply in love and committed couple. The melody is enhanced brilliantly by the appearance of the violin and viola. You may see a preview of the album’s material in the song.

A song named “We celebrate” is up next. This upbeat song encourages celebrates our successes, saying, “We celebrate because of what we have accomplished.” The song tells us to enjoy the present and recognize our accomplishments. The voice delivery is unvarnished and powerful, creating a captivating auditory experience for listeners.

The most ethereal and magnificent sounds combined with exquisite piano melodies usher in the phrase “making progress.” The song exhorts you to have faith in your efforts, as progress will finally be made. You will be thinking about the vocal performance long after the final note fades because it is so alluring and captivating

“Grab the Stars” is another rock-infused song that has hints of violas and violin sounds played by talented professionals. The song is about flying, reaching out, And grabbing the stars. The imagery produced by the lyrics provides the immersive and imaginative quality that this song exudes

“Niemals Jemals Da Gewesen” is the next song on the roster that is opened by a fusion of stringed instruments. Though the song is not in English you are captivated by its incredibly emotive quality and your attention is clasped by this beautiful song!

Next is “Tu sais Que je taime” This song is another majestic song sung in French. The song is a vibrant song brought to life by the expert instrumental aspect and a flawless vocal performance that will delight the listener

“We Try Our Best” is another rock-infused song. The song talks about how we as a country try our best(”as a country we try our best “). The song is paced in a very exciting and unique way and will take you on a fantastic audio journey

Next Is “What You Think Right Now” yet another rocked-themed song with an exciting intro. In the song, the persona is asking someone close to him to share with him what he thinks about a particular situation and he will also share his thoughts. The song is a foot-tapping song with an incredible vibe. This song will be so exciting to hear live

“We Belong Here “ begins with some energetic acoustic drums and exciting trumpet sounds before the performance begins. In the song, the persona is marking his territory as he says that he has nowhere to go and will fight to stay. The sounds and the structure of the song relay the urgency of the message embedded in the song and create a fantastic listening experience

“Amy” is the next song On the roster. The song is about a character called Amy who does a lot for the people she loves but is underappreciated. The stringed instruments in this Song ate hands down and take the song to another level

The song that closes the curtain on this wonderful experience is “Do Not Fall”. Parts of this fantastic song Are not in English which is more impressive. The song encourages listeners to keep going and not to fall. The song is An uplifting song that Will make you feel like you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. The song closes out the album with a bang and an inescapable earworm

Wow, wow, wow! What an incredible experience that Alex Wellkers with the help of many incredible And talented instrumentalists who have added their touch to each of these songs. Even the songs that are not in English are soothing and entertaining. There was never a dull moment and Wellkers knocked this one out of the park!

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