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Hi, dearest music lovers let’s welcome to our digital space multitalented artist Anastasio Nsò Bickie. To understand our artist and his style of music let’s get to know him a little intimately. The name Anastasio Nsó Bickie is now commonly associated with keyboard tunes and guitar strumming. My love of music is not limited to only playing instruments; it also includes the craft of composition and recording, which has evolved into my life’s work and is a symphony of creation. He was raised in the Rio Muni area of the mainland city of Bata and was exposed to a wide range of musical styles in this place because of its vast cultural diversity. Every rhythm and melody presented a fresh narrative to be told and a new language to master. Bickie currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a vibrant metropolis thousands of miles from my hometown. Nevertheless, he can still feel the echoes of his rich history and the beat of my native country.

He was originally introduced to the wonderful world of music by my father, who is a hobby guitarist. His soul was his guitar; it was not his vocation. He would plan events regularly, filling the air with music, dancing, and the rhythmic sound of the tombs. Bickie’s latest music offering is called “Remember December “ and was released on 2nd February. The pop, rock pop song is a delightful song that will give you all the feels. Let me tell you more about it

The song starts quite beautifully and you can hear the reggae vibes there and then. Bickie’s cool and relaxed voice then begins to sing to his partner about the good times they once shared. The song’s tempo is remarkable and makes for an out-of-body experience

Lyrically” Remember December.” illustrates the concern of a partner who wants to keep their spouse around by remembering the wonderful start to their relationship in December and trying to talk them out of parting.

He created this passionate love song in 2020 when things were a little off his household. It is based on a true story. “ Always Remember, Remember December “ a line from the song is Bickie trying to assure his partner and remind them of the good times. The beginning of the relationship is always the sweetest and this song is the artist trying to remind his partner of those times. The words are rich and the vocal delivery is amazing. Which makes this song more enjoyable to the ear

Except for the drums, He recorded everything at his small studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He subsequently delivered everything to his producer and partner, Mark McNeilly, who resides in Oshawa, Ontario. There is no better drummer than Mark; he can handle anything related to drums, including mixing and producing, and boy did he deliver!

Overall, “Remember December” by Anastasio Nsò Bickie is a beautiful and passionate love story borne out of Bickie’s personal experience. The instrumentation is brilliant and it is well-suited to Bickie’s vocal performance. His rich cultural background and experiences have heavily influenced his music and made him stand out amongst his peers in the music community.

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