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Andrew Adkins Satellite Mind

Andrew Adkins Premiers New Song “Satellite Mind” With Video

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On July 8, 2022, Andrew Adkins, a musician from Nashville, will release Rattlesnake Motions, his newest album. Since The Echoist in 2020, this is Adkins’ first full-length release of brand-new music.

The second single from the album is titled “Satellite Mind.” The endless nothingness of interplanetary flight is compared as someone becoming disoriented and psychologically disengaging in the music. You may wonder why there is a contrast. The challenges of mental health are nothing new to Andrew. Since an early age, he has struggled with depression. Anxiety has made a rude entrance into Adkins’ life during the past few years. The experienced alt-rock artist quit travelling and doing live shows entirely because the disease had gotten so bad.

In “Satellite Mind,” Andrew compares treating these diseases to being in space. The grandeur and the limitless sense of isolation are comparable to a night sky ablaze with stars. Similar to the sensation you sometimes get when your mind pulls you deep within your psyche is the threatening grip of helplessness that makes you feel as though you are being flung into the weightless, cosmic environment.
Eleven brand-new songs, all written, produced, and recorded by Andrew alone, are included in Rattlesnake Motions. From neo-psychedelic, roots-based folk-rock, synth-heavy space-jams, experimental soundscapes, and groove-centric funk, the eclectic mix of songs retains a category fluidity throughout.

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East Nashville, a developing community located across the Cumberland River from Music City, has emerged as a haven for musicians, writers, and other creatives. Andrew Adkins is one such songwriter who has been active in the Nashville scene for more than ten years. Andrew’s music changes as the city grows and evolves while maintaining its history.

Adkins co-founded two exciting bands early in his career that served as his entry points into the music industry. He travelled with his blues-infused power trio, Mellow Down Easy (Dualtone Records), for eight years. Before being noticed by Ryan Gosling’s independent record company, Werewolf Heart Records, his gritty-rock band, Lions for Real, created ripples in the music world. Adkins was unsure about his musical future after the band disintegrated almost as swiftly as it had emerged.

After years of playing in bands together, Andrew made the decision to take a break and create his own distinctive sound, a special fusion of roots-influenced, neo-psychedelic rock. He has put out a number of highly regarded solo albums since 2013. His songs have been used in movies and television shows from Lionsgate Films, CBS, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Sturgill Simpson, Cage the Elephant, Little Big Town, A Thousand Horses, Dum Dum Girls, David “Honeyboy” Edwards, Billy Joe Shaver, and Wayne “The Train” Hancock are just a few of the musicians with whom Andrew has performed on stage.

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