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Anthony Byrne Exhale

Anthony Byrne Releases Latest Song “Exhale”

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Anthony Byrne went in more personal with his freshly released song titled “Exhale”.

“Exhale” is a release that is noted for taking great care in presenting a composition that keeps our attention at all times thanks to an accurate technique of musical performance in which all the components of this theme make sense individually and form a great artistic consciousness together, making it appear as if many compositions collaborated to create a great work.

This song serves as a prequel to his previous single “Chasing” in terms of lyrics. It’s a song about despair, anxiety, and the guilt and humiliation that comes with feeling like you’re the one who’s getting in your own way. It is an attempt to document his spiralling inner thoughts when he is feeling very down/low and unable to do anything to make himself feel even remotely human. People often mistake depression for sadness, but it’s much more. Comedian Ruby Wax characterised it as “like someone pouring concrete from the top of your head to the tips of your toes,” and he said it was the first time he’d heard someone truly explain how I felt.

Anthony Byrne Exhale

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His coping mechanism is to attempt to recall that this is a chemical reaction in his brain and to remember who he is, although only a portion of him. That’s what the second verse is attempting to say. “Not so nice ideas are merely passing through,” she says.
He intended the words to flow from one line to the next to resemble a stream of thought that was out of control when he wrote the song.
The track’s production uses a lot of voice layering to simulate the feeling of overthinking and your mind going amok. There are voices coming from every direction.

Listen to Anthony Byrne Exhale song below.

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