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Listen to Austin Marquez Nostalgic Boy song

Austin Marquez Releases Refreshing New Single “Nostalgic Boy”

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Austin Marquez is a pop singer/songwriter from New York, who is creating a world radiating with starry eyes, ocean blues and true love. His love for music began at the early age, when he was influenced by other pop singer/songwriter’s such as Troye Sivan, Conan Gray, Lorde and even Jason Mraz. Austin Marquez instantly recognized that performing and singing was his calling.

With a burning desire to pursue his musical career, Austin Marquez finally made his highly debut this past summer with ‘(closer to) clear’ song. Austin Marquez has quickly become a force to be reckoned with.

His latest single “Nostalgic Boy” touches on themes of young love, summer blues and faded youth, with the songwriter speaking of his own experiences of love and navigating the changes associated with young adulthood. While Nostalgic Boy starts off very playful and cheeky, it goes on to be a very self-aware and authentic track about running away from love and the fear of giving your heart to someone else. The second pre-chorus really says it all “There’s a voice inside of me, keeps telling me it’s right to leave. I’m not the boy anyone needs and I should live off memories.” Sometimes it feels easier to live in the past and daydream about the “what if’s” of love rather than fully pursuing it in real time.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Troye Sivan & Conan Gray, “Nostalgic Boy” sparkles with Austin Marquez’s soulful, buttery vocals which glide atop warm, guitar dreamy instrumentation. Creating an ethereal and magical soundscape, the music washes your worries away, mirroring the natural ebb and flow of the ocean. The artist explains, “This song takes you on a journey that starts as a tongue in cheek track about owning your own toxicity, and ends in an authentic release of emotions regarding the fear of never allowing yourself to love. I really want people to listen to Nostalgic Boy and laugh, smile, scream and maybe even tear up a little bit–I want the people to feel seen and heard.”

Listen to Austin Marquez Nostalgic Boy song below.

Lyrics Quotes:

“You can’t trust a nostalgic boy
This boy
Cause I’ve been running for so long
I’m not sure how far I’ve gone
This boy
Keeps holding on once he’s withdrawn”

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