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Greetings, sweetheart, and welcome to our blog, Australian musician Avapolar. Together, Angus Woodhead and composer Vern Conner have created a‌vPOLAr, a club-anthem team that features local vocalists prominently and creates dance-floor-inducing club hits. This duo has teamed up with Tara Ashleigh a 23 years actress and singer-songwriter. Released on May 17, “Say My Name “ is a song released by the talented group Now let me tell you more about the song

The song opens with an amazing burst of sounds as soon as the needle drops, which is a really fantastic way to begin.

The song is about reminiscing past love, passion, heartbreak and trauma. In the song the persona laments about her ex lover and let’s him know that she knows that he’s moved on(“somebody said you have a new friend”) in a moment of anger and desperation she’s angry and fears for this new woman(“do you even remember her name, come on and say her name”)She talks about how she’s unable to sleep because of the trauma he’s caused (these dark circles weigh down my eyes”) resorts to using make up to cover them. The song exposes the complexities of human relationships and how ugly it can get

Angus ties everything together with powerful arrangements and driving rhythms, while Vern establishes the groundwork with his arsenal of analogue and digital synths. Tara did a fantastic job as well. This amazing piece of music is the result of these gifted people.

In addition to striking the ideal balance between the beats and the vocals, avPOLAr is passionate about breaking boundaries and making dance music that will never be forgotten. Tara wants her music to speak to your soul and inspire you to express yourself freely by singing and dancing with abandon. Her greatest wish is to give people the same freedom that the arts have given her. Together they’ve made magic with this beautiful song which has a sad message but a truthful one. These guys are the real deal and I can’t wait to see what they do next

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