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Greetings, beloved readers and music aficionados! Please join us in welcoming our virtual space band, BlissBliss. BlissBliss has been a part of Nashville for a long time; they have poured years and tears into the rich soil of the music city before it became the hip place to be. Renee and Lang are both seasoned performers who have participated in innumerable tours, concerts, and recording sessions. They have also shared the stage with numerous well-known musicians, including Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Michael McDonald, and many more. Fight For Peace, their debut single, peaked at number one on CCM radio. They’ve had the honor of performing for a wide range of musicians and venues, including jails and the Grammy Awards.

With great pleasure, they present to us their most recent album “Horizons.” The album has a total of 7 songs, allow me to tell you about this album in detail.

The album’s opener is “Your number’s up”. This is a fantastic song that talks about the inevitability of judgment and death (”ain’t no second chances when your number’s up).There was an electric guitar solo in here that will blow your mind. The song does a wonderful job of giving listeners a feel of the album’s voice

“Do or die” is the subsequent song. This foot tapping song to keep fighting and go for your dream (”cause its do or die”). This is an in spring song to keep trying and never give up. Listeners should look forward to electric guitar solo. This will be amazing to hear live!

Next is “Searching for summertime” . The song is about yearning for summertime (“searching for summertime”). The song poetic nature, vocal performance and the music ensemble will also make you yearn for summertime too. What an incredible quality to possess.

“Drive” is yet another foot tapping song about driving. In the song the persona caught the driving fever when she was 16. The song describes in great detail the ins and outs of driving. The incredible story told through these lyrics and vocal performance in totality gives listeners an all immersive experience like never seen

The song that follows is titled “talking through fences “. The song touches on the themes of communication and breaking down walls. The song talks about communicating honestly and openly by tearing walls down. BlissBliss has effectively talked about a sensitive topic in a safe and comfortable medium

The next song is “What’s Going on,” which has a jazzy feel to it thanks to the saxophone tones throughout. The song is about coming together in the face of conflict, with the character posing the question “What’s going on?” to identify the root of the issue and find a peaceful solution. In this one, the saxophone stood out and was undoubtedly a success!

Crimson Love” is the title of the final song. This is a ballad about crimson love and the emotions that go along with it. The ethereal vocal delivery combined with the choir backing voices give this tune a gospel vibe. The record ends in this opulent manner.

This was an amazing piece of music with different stories and messages put in 7 show stopping songs. BlissBliss has braved the ocean and showed us their incredible talent and mastery over all things music. Look out for them because the only way from here is up.

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