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Dearest gentle reader welcome to our blog. Guess who’s back again? Yes! You guessed right it’s Canadian superstar Mikhaelize. Building on his success from his other song “Marry Your Sun” he’s back again with another hit. On 9th May he released a brand new song titled “Elle êtait l’océan”. Let me tell you more about the song.

The song is a lovely song with a very fun vibe! You’ll feel like you’re on a beach sipping a martini. Wow, what an introduction to the song!

The title of the song means “She was the ocean.” The song is a great literary tune with a catchy melody and hook, despite being entirely sung in French. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the song, and it will be on repeat.

From the perspective of variations and intricate arrangements, the style is purposefully minimalist because, in my opinion, doing “too much” kills the fundamental framework and makes the lyricist and his message less prominent and in balance with the instrumental.

The song is a poem adapted to a catchy reggae dub beat to become a summer hit that can be danced to at discotheques and sung at karaoke nights. The song is intended for a broad audience, including individuals who are both interested in and unfamiliar with reggae music. Mikhaelize has once again succeeded in producing music that is beyond linguistic boundaries, and I anticipate more magic from him.

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