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Color Channel Don't Call it a Comeback

Color Channel Released “Don’t Call it a Comeback” Song

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“Don’t Call it a Comeback” Just incase you were wondering. In a new song for discovered by BiographyWeb.org, Color Channel is seen trending with their latest single released.

“Don’t Call it a Comeback” has been around for a while, breaking and setting records. The song is said to be written by Willow Creek, CA over a series of drunken nights. After the hungover, the group came together to finally record the song.

The song is said to be recorded in three different home studios, across four different states in a long span of 5 years.

The production credit goes to Jared producing the song and Nemegat doing the mixing alongside Juan Alvarez and final production going the Grammy Award winner Alex Psaroudakis doing the mastering.

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The song outcome is really impressive, the song got me playing repeat and repeat. It has this unique vibes in it. Guys check it out and tell me what you think.

Color Channel is the recording and performance project of Jared Connell & co. It is about connection, love, and dancing. Sneakers & Freaks coming together from every corner & coming alive. The project began in the early Fall, 2010 when Jared & Mat Dellorusso decided to write a song together, while roller skating.

Listen to Color Channel Don’t Call it a Comeback song below.

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