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Welcome to our blog, kind readers and music enthusiasts. We are traveling to Germany today to welcome band Coma Beach. German punk rock/alternative music group Coma Beach is based in Würzburg. The band consisted of bassist U. Terror, rhythm guitarist M. Blunt, drummer M. Lecter, guitarist Captain A. Fear, and singer B. Kafka. The band Coma Beach released their EP, “I won’t Listen,” on May 9. Allow me to elaborate on this EP for you.

The beginning of “I won’t listen” features some lovely guitar strumming. The nameless antihero makes no secret of his sardonic contempt for soul-crushing conformity and social expectations in the penultimate chapter of the album. ( “tired of all these people”). The persona is fed up with everything and is putting the finger on everyone. The guitar solo is incredible, and the tune is fantastic.

The Past of the Future” is the next song. The beginning of the song has a lot of intensity. The character in the song should have left well enough alone in the past, but she didn’t, and now she has to deal with the consequences. The song is upbeat and has a lot of instruments used, but not to the point where they overpower you.

The EP slows down a little with the song “Passion.” “Where is my passion, I once had?” is a line from the song that describes a man who has lost all of his zeal, inventiveness, and motivation to accomplish anything at all. The character is devoid of hope. The vocal delivery is incredibly sensitive and emotive, and the guitar solo in the middle of the song is simply amazing. However, as the song progresses, the intensity and pace also increase. You’ll like the emotional rollercoaster that is this song.

The EP is culminated by the song “Another Song”. This is yet another foot-tapping and high-energy song. The song talks about life and various parts of it. It touches on the highs and lows of life (“Congratulations this life’s a hit, this life’s a shit”). It also talks about Taking a good harsh look at the absurdities and cruelties of everyday life, the unnamed antihero resorts to sarcasm and cynicism to cope with what he regards as the utter meaninglessness of human existence. The song is witty and the chorus I catchy. With this introspective song, the EP comes to an end

This album is a work of art. Every song had me engaged and tuned into the music. I was surprised and thrilled by every single song on the EP. Coma Beach has shown through this EP that they are ready to take on the world and conquer it through their music!

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