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Hello to all of you! Greetings from our blog. We present to you Daddy Drwg today. Pronounced “Droog” (Welsh for “Bad Daddy”), DADDY DRWG is a Welsh-born singer-songwriter. He was a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who later enrolled in The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama’s post-graduate program in music technology. He has a strong musical history and has contributed to multiple albums in addition to performing in internationally famed traveling bands. His varied abilities are on full display in his solo debut, “A Tree Called Happy,” which was released on March 1st and includes ten outstanding tunes. Let’s discuss the album in more detail.

I’m your waste of time” is the first track on the album. His vocal performance is preceded by a very beautiful bass tone in the song. The lyricist’s personal and extremely scary experience inspired this song. For two years, a female stalker harassed him as a male victim until she was jailed and the harassment ended. The song delves into the weird and unpleasant feelings of fixation and intrusion, illuminating the stalker’s disordered psyche in the process. You will still appreciate the song despite the unsettling story it tells, and it makes a wonderful album opening.

The next song is “Eyes Wide Shut,” which begins with some gentle guitar strumming. In the song, the protagonist expresses his need for a romantic relationship and says, “I’ve been waiting for you to arrive, arms wide open.”Although the song’s guitar tones are great, the guitar solo shines and will excite you to no end.

“1 am GMT” is the next song on this record. This song is also opened by delicate and lively guitar strums. The persona in the song is obsessed with a particular person (“I’ve been watching you for hours it’s some kind of curse”) and he is very much in love with this person (“You’ve been lighting fires in my head”)The stringed instruments in this song are so beautiful that it’ll bring tears to your eyes.

The next song is called “Domino”. The song is energetic right off the bat. The song describes how the persona is feeling about his previous love interest (“I think about you every day”) he describes how this person makes him feel even though he’s playing with his heart and feelings(“you knock me down just like a domino”). The song has a nice beat and catchy lyrics that will captivate you

“Previously Known as the Fool” is the next song. The song slows the album down a bit. The character in the song is sad (“There’s no cure for sadness “). He also talks about how he will survive the sadness and heartbreak and lets the person who hurt him know that he’s no longer a fool(“to you previously known as the fool”). The way the song is structured (the guitar solo)and how emotive the performance is you can feel the sadness the persona is feeling too which is an amazing quality to possess

The album’s following song is called “Lean on Me.” Another heartfelt song, “You can lean on me when you’re feeling needy, feed on me when you’re feeling greedy,” talks about supporting and standing by someone. The guitar solo is the ideal cherry on top of the thrilling song.

With “words on the back of my hand” the album pivots again. In the song, the character explains how a message he was keeping on the back of his hand for a loved one is gone just like the person. (“And now like you, they’re gone”)The theme of loss is prevalent throughout the song. The performance is tender and will tug at your heartstrings

Next is the song “When We Are Young” which has a groovy beat as its foundation. The song talks about the thrills and advantages of being young and moving on from a past love (“When we are young we think that we’re old, when we are old we act like we’re young”) the song’s lyrics are relatable because it is true that we want to be old so bad when we’re young and long for youth when we are old. The guitar solo shines on this track and will be a thrill to hear live

Next is the song “Object” which is opened by lovely piano sounds. The character asks for his love interest to open up to him so he can get to know her more intimately(“You’re just an object to me I want to know you better”). The song has this dark and sultry vibe to it even though it’s talking about a relationship. The song is a lovely one backed by very vibrant instrumentation, especially the guitar solo

The album ends with the song “When the cat’s away”. The song has these lovely synth-pop songs in the beginning that you will love. The song talks about how the persona keeps things in order when no one’s looking (“ all i’s dotted and T’s crossed”). The guitar solo mid-song is just so brilliant and amazing and ends the album with a magnificent flourish

“A Tree Called Happy” weaves together vibrant rock influences, ranging from alternative metal to Britpop. The album is a true solo project, with Daddy Drwg taking on the writing, performing, and production of each track, giving him vast creative freedom.

Throughout the music, listeners are taken on a fantastic sonic adventure with each song being independently great and having a message. Daddy Drwg is back with a bang so watch out for him!

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