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DaniLeigh Says She Saw Texts Between B. Simone & DaBaby

DaniLeigh Says She Saw Texts Between B. Simone & DaBaby

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The singer was accused of demanding that B. be removed from her Wild ‘n Out episode, but she thinks people are making too much of it.

As people weigh in about DaBaby’s projected sales numbers for his latest project, his name is once again entangled in drama related to his ex-girlfriend, DaniLeigh. Last night (September 27), rumors surfaced about DaniLeigh’s appearance on Wild ‘n Out, and it was said that she requested cast member B. Simone to not be included in that episode’s cast. People quickly began speculating about the gossip and alleged that it may have had something to do with DaBaby.

There was a time when B. Simone repeatedly went viral after thirsting over DaBaby on social media, and it left many to believe that her adoration of the rapper rubbed DaniLeigh the wrong way.

That hasn’t been confirmed or denied, but after this news picked up traction, Dani returned with an explanation. She admitted that she and Simone don’t get along and said that people are making it a bigger issue than it is.

“It was never a demand,” she said of the request to have B. Simone removed from her episode. “I don’t know why the blogs are putting out that I demanded B. Simone not to be on Wild ‘n Out. That wasn’t the case. Wild ‘n Out asked me, I love Wild ‘n Out shows, I’ve always supported Nick [Cannon], I always supported the comedians on the show.”

“Me and B. Simone are not cool. So, I just—my team asked if she doesn’t do the episode that I do, respectfully. It was never anything to be like, ‘I’m a diva, I don’t want’—I thought it’d be more mature to not have us sitting next to each other on a show, making it mad awkward and uncomfortable.”

“I’m protecting my peace. I’m protecting my heart on the situation. It wasn’t petty. She was actually there, so I’m sure she got paid. It wasn’t to take nobody from nobody’s pocket.”

DaniLeigh also alleged that B. Simone “made a whole diss song” about her and said she saw “text messages between” DaBaby and Simone in the past, but never mentioned it. She believes she’s handling the situation maturely because she’s trying to keep information to herself.

Check out DaniLeigh explaining her side of the story below.

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