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David Baron & Fiona Glenn Champion

David Baron & Fiona Glenn Collaborated on “Champion”

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David Baron and Fiona Glenn song “Champion” is a high energy anthem for anybody fighting for greatness.

Champion is a synthesizer-driven track with actual percussion, trumpet fanfare, electric guitars, and pianos. Fiona’s vocals are layered, as if she’s part of a group. The strength of a group rallying around a single champion.

Simone Biles was the inspiration for it. She experienced flak from armchair critics after withdrawing from an Olympic event. She was a champion in our view on two counts: first, for being exceptionally good at what she did, and second, for prioritising her mental and physical well-being. She is far superior to practically everybody who has ever existed. That is something to be thankful for. This song is meant to be a joyous occasion.

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For ‘Champion’, Fiona takes the stage, and the seventeen-year-old impresses with her natural and captivating manner. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Champion, though, is David Baron’s dramatic and unconventional instrumental arrangement and production, notably during a standout chorus with booming percussion and unforgettable melody.

Listen to David Baron & Fiona Glenn ‘Champion’ song below.


“You’re a fighter 
Gonna light ya
No hit and run let the rising sun 
Light the cracks 
Where the weak ones run”

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