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DJ G-String TC5Official I Want You To Know

DJ G-String & TC5Official Collaborated On “I Want You To Know”

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“I want you to know,” a smooth deep house music by multifaceted artist DJ G-String, is her sixth release of the year. DJ G-String is a skilled singer-songwriter, composer, producer, remixer, and DJ in addition to all of these other roles. Her most recent song, which she co-wrote with TC5Official, demonstrates the chemistry between the two burgeoning artists.

Recently, DJ G-String and TC5Official collaborated on a brand-new release called “I Want You To Know.” This group effort is novel and enjoyable. It is the epitome of what it takes to create the best vocal house music in the current scene. On the one hand, the production has a powerful, clear sound. On the other hand, it conveys the warmth you would anticipate from the genre’s classics of yesteryear.

A DJ is not all that DJ G-String is. She is also a talented remixer, producer, composer, and singer-songwriter. She is a multi-instrumentalist who continuously develops her sound. Young producer TC5Official stands out for his abilities. He is a true expert in melody and groove and brings both to everything he does. He is also a DJ and musician. Collaborations between DJ G-String and TC5Official are nothing new. The two get along creatively and have collaborated on a number of remix projects.

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The song “I Want You To Know” seems like a perfect opportunity to show off how well they work together. Although DJ G-String and TC5Official have distinct musical tastes, they set out to combine their greatest traits and abilities to create an original fusion of influences. The production is deep and immersive, and the sound is catchy and powerful. This vocal house anthem has a highly uplifting message as well. Reaching out to loved ones and telling them how much they mean to you is the theme of the song “I Want You To Know”! Most individuals can identify to this message because it is strong and upbeat.

The track’s mood is reflected in the music’s lively character. The arrangement is driven by a large, clear piano chord, and the drums’ electric, solid sound has a contemporary four-on-the-floor pace. Deep bass tones add movement that synchronises with the kick drum’s pulse. The voices fly above the mix without ever overpowering the instrument balance.

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