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Welcome to all of you! We present to you today DOVE-i, an artist based in Paris. On April 19, this amazing musician launched a new album titled “It’s Pop Fiction.”

The songs on this album, which is an act of artistic resilience, tackle several important issues grounded in the realities of the current decade, including identity during the Black Lives Matter movement, artistic inquiry, love rebirth, inner metamorphosis, the richness of differences, and the Earth we leave for future generations. Allow me to elaborate on the album.

“Quarantine” opens the album. The song starts with a lovely melody and gains up speed as it progresses. You never know where the music will lead you, it’s so thrilling. This song serves as an overview of the album’s voice.

Rioux V, a rapper, appears in the next song, “The Revolution” (also known as “the cinematic version”). As with a Line from the song, “We Must Rebel to Stay Alive,” it’s a potent anthem about standing up, disobeying authority, and battling it. In addition, it addresses issues like racism and black people’s difficulties. The background string orchestra adds a cinematic atmosphere to the song and makes it even more unique.

The next song, “Metamorphosis,” is sung by Fifi Rong, who gives a stunning performance while talking about the future and who we should be. This is a charming song with heavenly string accompaniment that creates an exquisite soundscape.

Default,” a song on the album featuring Mike Harvey, comes next. Harvey’s endearing vocal delivery adds a nice touch to the song as he speaks about the need for love in humankind and discusses how he and his partner were meant to be. (“when we are clearly meant to be”)This is a really sweet and heartfelt love song that you will love.

“Mysterious Creature” is a pop synth song that has a rhythmic and thumping beat that will surely captivate you thoroughly

The next upbeat song is “Create (extended version),” which features Julie Tuzet. Julie offers a great vocal delivery on this beautiful tune. It’s an uplifting song that will captivate you as she talks about letting go of your worries and realizing your value.

Rapper K-Ottic is featured in the song “Somewhere.” The line “Where am I Supposed to Go” talks about self-doubt and the longing for a place to belong. Could we just pause this for a moment to enjoy the violin sounds? They were incredibly gorgeous.

The song “Echoes,” with Ben Botfield, comes next. Ben launches into a heartfelt performance of the song, “echoes where you used to be,” about loss and pain after the most delicate of sounds. The song reassures us that the individuals we lose have echoes all around us and aren’t truly gone. This song was flawlessly done and had such a lovely message woven throughout.

“Earth” is the album’s last track. A tune enriched with memorable and forceful instruments. The electric guitar sound caught us off guard, and as a result, the song has a heartfelt, captivating rock ballad fusion feel.

With the assistance of renowned, gifted musicians who are exceptionally good at what they do, DOVE-i has produced a one-of-a-kind album—an Avengers record, if you will. Each song stood out as a special, distinct, and exceptionally excellent compilation. Any playlists will benefit from this album’s presence. Dove-i has demonstrated why he is a rising star in the music business.

Stream the “It’s Pop fiction” album on Spotify

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