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Emeka Shoot Your Shot

Emeka Released “Shoot Your Shot” Song

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Australia uprising singer Emeka released a new song titled “Shoot Your Shot”

Emeka, a songwriter, composer, and vocalist, has a new song called “Shoot Your Shot” that he released recently. Emeka is brutally honest with himself in the song. He expresses himself in a really relatable manner. His self-reflective writing is evocative and colourful, and it would pique the audience’s interest. The writing has depth, which contributes to the thrill of finding the music for the first time, because we are listening to such exquisite layers. A lot of small details in the performance sound fascinating. Furthermore, the multiple layers of vocals are an intriguing concept for a fantastic audio depiction of the song’s subject. For me, the writing is the centrepiece, and the acting does a fantastic job of conveying it.

With its trap beat loop and RnB vocal chops, “Shoot Your Shot” immediately grabbed my attention. My head was swaying a lot! I was sold as the rhythm progressed, featuring a powerful 808, kick, and lovely piano synth. We hear spoken word and background vocals as the lead vocals enter the mix, until a slow rap envelops you in the artist’s passion for a woman. These vibes always appeal to me! This musician has a lovely voice and a lovely personality, and you can tell he means what he says. The vocal layers are a touch too contradictory, and we lost sight of the artist’s heartfelt tone.


Emeka Shoot Your Shot

I really would like to hear it for everything it is! But, don’t get me wrong, this is a fantastic track, and the artist is quite gifted. It’ll undoubtedly be on my sex playlist. I’d suggest turning down the backings and amplifying the lead vocal so we can hear it well! Having said that, I’ve played it three times already because I adore the music. I can’t believe how much skill has emerged from an artist that has only been in the industry for a year. Self-improvement is important to this artist, as evidenced by his words.

This song is about the preparation necessary to experience true love. The song expresses a desire, a longing for something meaningful, and, most importantly, a strong, firm, and secure love. A lady to this artist is a diamond in the rough. Get your chick now! To hear it, go to the link below! Add it to your playlists or listen to it on TJPL News’ Spotify channel! If you scroll down, you’ll find my interview with Emeka, in which I discuss the song’s meaning.

Listen to Emeka Shoot Your Shot song below!

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