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Feeble Releases Latest Single “For You”

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One of the most delicate and lovely love songs we’ve heard so far this year is “For You.” Feeble’s sound has a sincerity that is just too fascinating to resist. It has lush acoustic guitar, large open rhythms, and the artist’s own relaxing, nostalgic vocals.

Big percussion and acoustic guitars come together in this track’s emotional journey to create a sentimental and upbeat atmosphere. Feeble’s newest song hits us square in the feels with a well-balanced sound.

With its mellow ballad, a warm and private track packed with celestial pads, and church-like synths, “For You” hits straight in the feelings. This song is slow-paced and asks us to swing and sway while singing to our cherished loved ones. It was inspired by the work of Ethan Gruska.

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Swedish musician Stefan Ekenberg performs alone as Feeble. Stefan has participated in various bands as a drummer, guitarist, and vocalist. The project, which started off as a trip-hop band in the 1990s, vanished from the music world in 2010. Feeble didn’t resurface as an acoustic project until 2020, when “Heartland,” “A Few Minutes More,” and “What If” were released as three songs.

Later, feeble developed employing both historical and contemporary sounds, such as those of Nathan Gruska. Two more singles, “Time Is Slow” and “I Am Here,” were thereafter released. Stefan now reveals his most vulnerable side with this brand-new tune, delighting us with a tender, tender hymn to love.

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