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Hello, my cherished readers and music fans worldwide!! You are most welcome to our blog. Today we feature again the ridiculously talented Park City-based artist Gary Dranow. He took on societal issues in “Body Wise” and was tender in “I’m a Man “ and “ “Hadrian’s Wall”, The Manic Emotions and Gary Dranow are excited to share the news of their newest single, “Dad”, A Song for Harold,” which will be available on February 15, Inspired by a moving Christmas letter from Harold DeBlanc’s son Matthew, this single embodies the band’s unique blend of rock and narration. Let me tell you more about the song

A single powerful piano chord ushers you into this beautiful piece Captures the essence of paternal love and wisdom, and was inspired by a heartfelt Christmas letter from Matthew DeBlanc to his father Harold. The song is mild and has beautiful harmonies that will indulge all of your senses

At its core, the song’s lyrics transport listeners to the recollections of Harold Deblanc and his son Matthew through a moving Christmas letter that the father wrote to Matthew. Harold’s strength, empathy, and wisdom are celebrated in this moving song that perfectly captures the relationship between a father and son. He does well to list his father’s qualities expressively (” herald your empathy, resilience “). The song is a personal thank you to all the dads out there who are doing their very best for their children. Not only is this song a standout because of its compassionate and endearing lyrics or Dranow’s beautiful vocals but also because it is a song that celebrates fathers and such songs are rare!!

To ensure that the song shines, “Dad” underwent painstaking production, with each member adding their special talents. The mouth percussions were very moving and the vocal performance was tender and majestic. As a result, the song is an unavoidably moving performance and music that skillfully combines raw emotion with contemporary aesthetics that will evoke raw emotions

Congratulations to Dranow and the band for creating yet another touching masterpiece that will not be forgotten any time soon! I can proudly say that this song made me miss my dad, according to Dranow, Music is a tool for expressing the breadth of human emotions and experiences; it’s more than just sounds and lyrics and I fully understand him now having experienced this song for myself! The band’s numerous influences and interpersonal relationships are evident due to their eclectic lineup, which features talented musicians from various countries such as Australia and Ukraine. I have been blown away again and I’m excited to see what’s next!

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