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Hello, dearest readers and music lovers let’s turn our attention to Park City-based artist Gary Dranow. After blowing our minds with singles like “Digitize” Gary Dranow is back and brightening up our new year with his latest release titled “Jimi’s Song”, which was released on 4th January. On this song, we have Gary Dranow as the lyricist, composer, writer, and guitarist, Chris Zoupa on arrangements, guitar, and bass, and Jason Jones on drums, vocals, mixing, mastering, and production. The song is a tribute to the legendary Jimi Hendrix and blends elements of Blues and rock. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my sparkling review.

The song starts strong with the bass foundation before the other instruments and the vocals join in. Dranow dings about his encounter with Jimi and how it has impacted him and his music. The song is a beautiful rock song that also has a bluesy vibe.

Thematically, the song is about the late Jimi Hendrix and his impact on music especially on Dranow. The lyrics “An Inspiration to a Whole Generation “ really spoke to me about the contribution Hendrix made to music. The song’s lyrics are easy to follow and tell a great story about Hendrix and educate you about him if you didn’t know about him prior. This was indeed Jimi’s Song!

Jason Jones deserves a standing ovation, everyone! Just look at the way the instruments blend with the vocals in perfect harmony. The vocal performance is very moving and everything works together perfectly. The production of the song is nothing short of amazing

Overall “Jimi’s Song” by Gary Dranow is amazing. It is the perfect tribute to Jimi Hendrix and he would have loved it. It is also an introduction of Hendrix to people who did not know who he was. You will find yourself googling him (I know I did) to learn more about him. The production of the song, its lyrics, and vocal performance also make it an enjoyable time. It is recommended for everyone and will fit great on any playlist.

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