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Ge & Luke A New Sun Rising

Ge & Luke Releases Latest Song “A New Sun Rising”

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Ge & Luke’s latest track “A New Sun Rising” is a dreamy but upbeat EDM/Pop tune with a great drop and Xtina Louise’s lovely vocals.

Ge & Luke’s ‘A New Sun Rising’ is a by-the-numbers commercial dance song that hits all the right notes. It’s atmospheric, spacey, and starry. It got me wondering about how successful artists like Zedd, Swedish House Mafia, and their contemporaries were during the era’s heyday. It’s always exuberant, full of pure cathartic ecstasy, and it leaves you feeling completely swooned over by a sense of bliss.

Ge & Luke are a songwriter and producer duo who have been passionate about music since they were children. Their goal is to create high-quality music that will inspire people all around the world. The brothers, who are from Switzerland, have incorporated the sounds of their childhood influences from the 1980s and 1990s into today’s EDM and pop music.

Ge & Luke A New Sun Rising

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To produce the signature Ge & Luke sound, the duo combines Lukas’ musical prowess on keyboards with Gerhard’s production wizardry. Their sound extends from pop to EDM to larger dance compositions, all with the purpose of attracting listeners of organic, uplifting, and emotive music. They’ve also worked on music for television series, artwork, and other projects.

Ge & Luke combine live instruments with synthesised production to create the sound of the future. Ge & Luke are firm believers in diversity and uniting global talent, and their tracks feature a diverse group of outstanding musicians from all around the world.

Listen to listen to Ge & Luke A New Sun Rising

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