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Hi everyone, music lovers and readers! Please welcome Bristol artist Martin Callingham to our site. Martin’s 10-track album “Patterns,” which drops on May 24th, is the much-anticipated follow-up to his 2015 EP “Tonight We All Swim Free.”The chamber-folk singer-songwriter’s latest album sees him go further into the music that caught the interest of BBC 6 Music, Clash, and Louder Than War in his earlier efforts. Allow me to elaborate on this record for you.

“Nineteen Hill” is the title track of the album. Very soft guitar strums with creaking noises open the song. Martin sings “I can hear the slope in your breathing,” which refers to the difference in a person’s breathing after ascending a hill. His voice is upbeat and invigorating. After listening to the amazing guitar solo in the middle of the song, you’re excited to hear what comes next.

Bedding in” is the name of the following song. This song has a gentle, seductive opening. The character in the song talks of their private conversations, or “bedding in,” in a sweet and lovely way. You’ll experience intense emotions as a result of the song’s emotional content.

Next is the song called “A Pulse in the Void”. The song has a slow intro. The song is about a person who longs to find Home or to go home (“a pulse in the void, beating for home”). He is concerned that he won’t find his way back and asks if there’s a way back (“Don’t tell me there’s no path”). You can feel the persona’s desperation as he sings and the piano notes compliment Martin’s voice and create a lovely yet sad soundscape.

What comes next is titled “Wrapped in Rennes.” This amazing combination of piano and guitar chords opens the tune. The song’s combination of sounds intensifies as it goes along, oscillating in perfect harmony.

A toe on the water” is the next tune. The song discusses the assurance that one will eventually find ground (“there’s always ground”). Because of the excellent vocal performance, the song is a masterpiece with a very peaceful and soothing tune.

“Scully” is the title of the next song. which features some very masterful guitar work. In the song, the persona yearns for freedom (“to be free”). The song is very well written and performed and will enthrall you

“Forging” continues in the same direction as the previous songs. The song features beautiful female backing vocals that enhance the overall sound quality.”Forging” continues in the same direction as the previous songs. The song features beautiful female backing vocals that enhance the overall sound quality.

“Assassins” is the name of the next. This dreamy song is about assassins murdering some part of nature (“all of nature’s constellation is silent”)The piano solo and stringed instruments in this song are extremely breathtaking

The next song is called “Patterns,” and it has an elaborate guitar intro. The song discusses life and how things tend to follow patterns in a certain way. The song is another heartfelt tune that will take you beyond this world

The song that completes the album is the song called “Treehouse”. The song starts with these beautiful guitar sounds. The song is a nostalgic one as it tells the story of a character returning to his childhood treehouse. The is a saxophone solo in this song that will blow your mind. This beautiful song marks the end of the album

The album “Patterns” is excellent. Callingham took his time to craft extremely entertaining and distinctive songs for each tune. I will listen to the album repeatedly since it is wonderful and heavenly in every aspect. He put all into this record, and he did a fantastic job.

Watch the animated video of “Treehouse” off the “Patterns” below.

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