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Hi everyone welcome to our blog. Today we shine our light on Canadian artist The Silence Industry. This artist has released a brand new single called “Headlong (General Strike)”. The song was released on the 31st of May. Allow me to tell you more about this song

As soon as the needle drops you are hit with these bold and energized guitar sounds. These electrifying sounds will surround you and you are assured you are going to have a fantastic time

The song explores ideas of collective action and historical transcendence, stating that “that’s just how we’re built.” It’s a powerful musical number that will leave you thinking. You’ll be thrilled by this alternative rock tune since it’s thrilling throughout, leaving you eager to hear the next chord or sound!

“Headlong (General Strike!)” is a strong and complex track that combines loud electronics with delayed guitars to produce a sonorous, dark, and unquestionably driving soundscape. This song has some extremely great guitar tones that truly stand out and impress you.

Wow! What a song. This song was action-packed from beginning to end and the vocals were raw, passionate, and pure. You can feel the excitement coming off the artist when making this song and you’ll be enthralled by this love project. The Silence industry will not be silenced!! They will go very far due to their potent talent

Stream “Headlong (GENERAL STRIKE)” on Spotify

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