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Greetings everyone! Welcome to our blog. Today we highlight Canadian superstar Vissia. Vissia released a 17-track album on 10th May. This album is going to enthrall you. Let’s get into the details of the album

“Doorway” is the album’s opening track. The song begins with these surreal sounds. The song is about a broken love story where the man never felt the same as the woman did. The love between them is unequal and she laments about it because he can’t seem to leave her even though he doesn’t really love her (“you’re still standing in the doorway to mine”)Vissia gives this performance her all you can feel the passion emanating from her and you are captivated and will want to keep listening to the rest of the album

“Two-finger wave” is the next song. In the intro, Vissia explains how she lived in a small town for a long while where people would give each a two-finger wave to each other as they drove by each other on the way into town and she felt like she was stuck in a repetitive cycle. Vissia gives us a peek into her personal life and upbringing in rural Alberta and connects with us on a deeper level

Next is the song called “Walk Me Home”. The song starts with Vissia’s strong voice backed by smooth electric guitars. In the song, she talks about how strong people need help too and how it’s okay to ask for help when feeling overwhelmed (“Nothing’s wrong with being strong, but sometimes I don’t need to carry it all Sometimes I need somebody to walk me home”). The song is emotional and relatable and you will be thrilled sonically

“Exit through the toilet” is the song that follows. The song starts with this lovely hum and then the line “exit through the toilet”.

Next is the song “Never gonna be the same”. The song starts on a high-energy note. The song is about a broken relationship (“Maybe we weren’t good for each other but I know we are still good people”). The relationship between these two characters has reached its end and they can’t even stand each other. Vissia gives an exhilarating performance per usual and creates a nice soundscape

“Which is short for a woman” is the song that follows next. The song is a poetic song that sets the listener up for the song which is all about female empowerment.

“My Wom” is the title of the next song. The song is about female power and owning your femininity. The song describes a liberated woman who speaks her mind freely without fearing repercussions (“she says what she wants”). The song is foot tapping inspirational song.

“On My Mind” is the song that follows. The song starts in an upbeat tone. The song is about a one-stand night where the lady expects more after they’ve had relations(“You keep me coming back”). The song is fast-paced and very delightful

Next is the song “With Pleasure”. In this track, Vissia shares a piece of herself and her career with us. She speaks about her life. The highs, the lows, the camaraderie, and how she is enjoying it because it’s a life she chose for herself with happiness, hence the title “with pleasure”

“High with U” is the next song on the record. The song begins with a crisp and clean guitar riff before the vocal performance. The song describes a relationship where the lady is completely in love with her partner and describes how much she desires her man (“I wanna get high with you”). She boasts about how he boosts her confidence and makes her feel seen (“You keep showing me it’s okay to be seen”)

Next is the song “The Cliffs”. The song begins at a slow but steady pace. It is a welcome change of pace in the album. This a song of empowerment. The persona in the song has complete and utter faith in a particular person. She encourages the person to keep going even if they fall (“you’ll find your feet it won’t long”) and that she will be with him or her from the beginning to the end. The song is beautiful and the instrumentation is perfect

Next is the song called “On My Mind (live acoustic)”. This is the acoustic and stripped-down version of the song “On My Mind”. Because it’s stripped down you can her voice in a completely new light and appreciate it even more.

Next is the song called “I just wanna hold u”. The song begins with a pulsating pop thrum. The song is about a young romance that couldn’t stand the tests of time however, the persona still holds on to a piece of that relationship and breaks down whenever that person is around (“Every time I see you I break all over again “) and wishes to hold him or her. The story in this song is relatable and will evoke a lot of emotion in you

Next is the song titled “Get into the Van”. The song seems to be a conversation between some members of the tour. It seems one person hadn’t boarded the van yet and had delayed because he was saying goodbye to his friends hence the “get in the van “

“Take it apart” Is the next song on the album. The song has a very upbeat intro and this foot-tapping song is about a persona who keeps giving pieces of her heart and affection to her partner and warns him that soon there’ll be nothing left to give(“soon there won’t be anything left”). She also mentions that her partner is taking apart her heart piece by piece (“take it apart”). You can hear and feel her frustration and desperation concerning her situation through the vocal performance and the rhythm of the instruments

“What might be” is another poetic serve by Vissia. Yet again she peels away layers covering her so that we can connect with her not only as artists but as a person or someone we are close to. She talks more about her journey as an artist and how this album reveals both past and future and serves as a bridge between the two

The album ends with the song “About Moving on”. This song begins with these ethereal synth sounds. This is a harrowing story about a character who hasn’t moved on from a previous relationship. She is living in delusion about moving on till she Lays eyes on him(“I don’t care if I see you anymore, is what I tell myself until you are walking through the door “). She’s angry and bitter and blames songs that say you can move on for selling a lie. The song is tender, soulful, and extremely beautiful. With this beautiful song, the album ends

The “With Pleasure” album was a different and very fulfilling experience. Not only were the songs good, but each had a unique message and most importantly each song gave us a little more information about Vissia, her values, her background, and her experiences while creating this album. I implore you to listen to this album and go on a brilliant sonic journey

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