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Greetings guys! Welcome to our blog. Today, we feature the talents of the incredible New Hope-based artist GF Morgan. Following the release of his highly regarded album Driftwood, Morgan’s latest album “Magenta” showcases his skill on the concertina and various mandolin family instruments in addition to his deft finger-style guitar playing. The album comprises 11 show-stopping songs and was released on the 17th of March. Let me tell you more about this record

The first song “An Mhaighdean Mhara/ Southwind” opens with soft piano notes and guitar tones, which continue throughout the song. As you listen, the lovely melody and harmonies lull you to sleep. The song does a great job at drawing you in with its sly tones and general atmosphere. This song serves as a prelude to what to expect from the other tracks on the album.

Bonnie George Campbell ” commences with similarly free-flowing, dreamlike guitar riffs, and then GF starts recounting the persona’s life tale. This song will sound like something you would hear while sipping mead and enjoying a turkey leg at a Renaissance Faire. The vocal performance and song structure work nicely together to create a vivid mental image that you won’t soon forget.

The Moth and the Candle” is the title of the following track on the album. Robust guitar tones in a spectrum of tones are woven throughout the tune. With its amazing lull, the song is captivating and will captivate you

The following song is “Henry Martyne”.The song tells the story of Henry Martyne, the youngest of the three brothers, and his maritime exploits. This is an excellent sea chantey! You’ll get chills from the instruments, the amazing lyrics that explain the story, and the vocal delivery that transports you to the setting of the action!

Josefin’s Walz” comes next. This song is just another amazing example of masterful guitar playing; like they say, “if you got it, flaunt it.” And he showed it off! Without a doubt, Morgan is a guitar master!

The opening guitar piece in “Lo, How A Rose E’er Blooming/ Plantxy Irwin,” is gentle and flutelike. As the melody develops during the song, it sounds even better! The song has a huge range and evokes a cascade of emotions!

These ethereal guitar tones in “Vale of the Red Wolf” serve as the song’s foundation. I really believe that this song was composed solely to showcase the performer’s incredible guitar abilities. The completely realized guitar tones provide a distinctive auditory experience.

Another ballad with amazing guitar tones that will take your breath away is “The Great Sun.” “I am the truth but you will not believe me” is a line from the song as the song depicts the picture of someone who feels unappreciated or untrustworthy. The song continues with other instances of people who should be treated a specific manner but aren’t The song’s core is flawlessly captured by the audacious vocal rendition.

Another balad, “Slàn le Cara Maith,” features slow, ethereal string instruments. The notes catch your attention right away and produce a lovely, exquisite soundscape that you will enjoy

The ballad “Roslyne Castle” opens with some dramatic guitar tones. The song keeps showcasing Morgan’s astonishingly exquisite guitar work, which together with it has given listeners access to a whole new musical universe.

“Magenta”the album’s last track, begins with gorgeous guitar tones and develops into a tune where the guitar notes bounce back and forth with amazing talent and delight. The amount of skill demonstrated, along with the song’s appeal and fascination, left me speechless! This song deserved a standing ovation because it brought the album to a powerful close.

For more than 40 years, Gf Morgan has pleased and amused audiences with his interpretations of hornpipes, original tunes, jigs, reels, traditional ballads, and sea chanties. International critical praise has been bestowed upon his recorded work, and additional accolades have come his way as a radio host on independent stations around the Atlantic seaboard. I could go on and on about his talents and expertise as demonstrated in the album but I would rather you listen to it yourself to experience the magic I’m talking about!

Stream the “Magenta” album on Spotify or Bandcamp

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