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Hi, dear readers and music lovers! Welcome to our digital domain, Mark Mallman, the legendary Minneapolis indie rocker and popular TikTok enthusiast. He has just released a striking new music video for his song “Seen My Own Ghost.” On March 7th, the dramatic music video was made available. Allow me to elaborate on the tune’s lyrics and music video.

Mallman harmonizes his way into the song, giving it an opening like that of a classic 80s tune. The song and its accompanying video will captivate you as the vocal performance intensifies.

The video opens with Mark being extremely pale and ghostly, and then cuts to him looking like himself as he starts singing. In his song, he talks about how the ghosts of our past help us to see how far we’ve come. The song’s lyrics explain how, when you think back on a challenging relationship, you see your former self in the present. It’s like seeing a ghostly version of oneself, and the video does a great job of describing that as Mark sees this ghostly version of himself. This illusion, together with the song’s perfect vocal performance, truly helps you to understand the song’s message!

He uses his bottomless passion for 1980s music on this song, as his social media followers will attest. Unexpectedly, the production and arrangement of the track were inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” The snare and synth notes from “Seen My Own Ghost” were purposefully reused by him, thus producing a love infused track that everyone will enjoy

I had a fabulous time listening to this amazing song and watching the music video as well. The storyline of the song matches the video perfectly and you get the full fantasy and message of this song! I highly recommend this song for all music lovers. I can’t wait to see what he puts out next!

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