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Henry Alexander What I Like

Henry Alexander Shares Latest Song “What I Like”

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Melbourne-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Henry Alexander shares his new single, “What I Like.” Pairing sparse, bubbling synth-pop beats with Alexander’s signature saccharine vocals, “What I Like” is the ultimate dreamy summer Rock tune. With his much-anticipated album on the horizon, this new single continues his impressive streak of irresistible electro-rock anthems.

The aggressive, solid sound on Henry Alexander’s first single of 2022, “What I Like,” has a slight The Darkness-like influence. However, despite some undercurrent similarities to The Darkness, especially in the interesting voices, Henry Alexander is very different. His cheerful pop-rock song “Tell The Future” is followed by the more rock-influenced song “What I Like,” which features powerful guitars and thunderous percussion. This change from softer to stronger sounds demonstrates the artist’s inventiveness. What I Like is a true auditory smack in the face since it transitions from fast-paced cheekiness to a deeper, harder-hitting climax. An effective sonic slap, nonetheless.

Henry Alexander spins you about in a multicoloured haze, throwing you into a vortex of sound. The song “What I Like” is a testament to choose whether culture or the individual comes first. It is not plain in its melody, but it is almost simplistic in its powerful message. Similar to the chicken or the egg dilemma, but on a more intimate level. The clear, direct line “that’s what I like, since that’s what I’m like” perfectly captures the strength of this track. However, despite being straightforward, there is an intimacy that engages people on a deeper level.

Listen to Henry Alexander What I Like song below.

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