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Hello music fans and lovely readers worldwide, help me welcome to our blog UK-based artist James Haynes. Haynes previously released amazing songs like “Made a Mess” and “Seek First” (interlude) featuring Sara and Corey Coles and is continuing to amaze listeners with his latest release titled “Guide Me”. “Guide Me” was released on 26th January and It talks about the feeling of being stuck and the desire to move forward but not being able to. The song is wholesome and will take listeners on a profound journey. Let me tell you more about the song.

As soon as the song starts, listeners are warmly greeted with light acoustic guitar sounds and then are hit with Haynes’ cool and soothing voice. Haynes’ voice is composed and in so in tune with the musical instruments and thus creates a powerful sonic experience.

When it comes to lyrics Haynes doesn’t shy away from his faith in this song. Through the lyrics, he talks about how he is unable to do it by himself and how he’s unable to move forward by himself. “Please God if you’re real come help me” is a particular line that shows Haynes’ faith and belief that God does help us out when we call out to him. The song examines the personal experience of the artist, the universal sense of being stuck, and how prayer helps us get past difficulties and roadblocks.

Haynes explains how he becomes lost when he tries to navigate things on his own, and how because of his connection with God, he now has hope, provision, and a light in the dark. Pretty inspiring if you ask me.

“Guide Me” is a country-infused song with its acoustic guitar sounds. Although you hear subtle notes of electric guitar during the song it doesn’t overshadow the simplicity of the stripped-down acoustic sound. The “La la” adlibs are very catchy and the entire song creates an experience that will linger on even after the song has ended.

Overall “Guide Me” by James Haynes is an exotic and beautiful work of music. The lyrics are meaningful and powerful. It explicitly expresses the importance of prayer, and hope that no matter how much you struggle, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I think that is an important and great message that he’s spreading through his song. A message of light and hope is always welcome and greatly appreciated. The vocal performance deserves an encore and the musical instruments blend perfectly. Haynes has shown his talent through this song and I’m so excited to see his future projects!

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